Why We Decided to Study Human Anatomy

Just like most moms, I’m concerned about what my kids eat.   My kids are very picky eaters, due in large part to sensory issues.  This year, in my effort to encourage D to eat healthier, I have been trying to educate him about what his body needs to stay healthy and strong.  D is unusual in that he rarely accepts any information at face value.  Even if that information came from a reliable source, like his mother.  He even checks the freezer when I tell him we are out of his favorite Taquitos that he loves for lunch.

So, I knew that in order for him to truly and completely understand why it was important for him to eat fewer sweets and more veggies, he was going to need more from me than words.

That’s when I decided we needed a unit on human anatomy.

The Amazing Human Machine Book
The Amazing Human Machine Book

The biggest draw about this book wasn’t just the price tag, but also the ‘see-through body system cards.’  D is highly visual and relies heavily on pictures to solidify his understanding of text.  I liked being able to hand him the cards as I’m reading the text for better understanding.  The text in this book is also just about right for my boys, who sometimes struggle with issues regarding attention spans.  I also follow up our reading with a hands on activity.

I was pretty content with how things were going until I saw this:

Survive! Inside the Human Body
Survive! Inside the Human Body

I obsessed over this book for several weeks before purchasing it.  I knew it would be perfect for D.  The comic book format is eye-catching and fits well with an avid reader who struggles with books that have too much text.  The anime style facial expressions he would find very funny and entertaining.

I finally ordered the book and it came this past weekend.  D and I have already had our first ‘big, juicy conversation’ about what the gut needs to stay healthy and how the nervous system controls our digestive system.  I’ve ordered the next book and am looking forward to more conversations.  These intense conversations are key to my knowing he’s grasping the material and they happen often when he’s engaged and learning.


I also ordered A this Melissa and Doug Set.  I will warn you that it has both male and female anatomically correct pieces, but I thought it would be perfect for him to play with and exchange the pieces while I am teaching and it is.

While the material and learning is coming right along, the eating is still a work in progress.  Between the normal, natural pickiness of a kid and the sensory issues it’s an uphill battle, but one I am simply determined to make regular progress on.  There are several new foods we’ve happily added to our repetoire since we started challenging some of the kids food issues about a month ago.

Thank you for visiting!  I hope to see you next time!